Any increase in fare and the change fee will be waived. Frontier currently has a Codeshare agreement with Volaris Mexico. You are about to sign in PRODUCTION (PRD) LANG Non-refundable amounts will not be placed on a credit shell. Name changes are permitted for a fee if the customer contacts Frontier Reservations. If this is not done, your GDS system will send Frontier a cancellation message when the time limit is reached and the Frontier system will automatically process the XX and cancel the reservation. Frontier Airline's Travel Agency Resource Center. FQTV PSPT Here's what you need to know about our group fares: Group travel qualifies to earn FRONTIER Miles. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, FOR PASSENGERS WHO TRAVEL WITH THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT, SUCH AS NEBULIZERS OR DIALYSIS MACHINES You may not hold inventory for potential future sales. PASSENGER IROP CONTACT MOBILE PHONE At this time there are no pre-reserved seats through the GDS. IROP CONTACT INFORMATION REFUSED If you’re not a member of FRONTIER Miles, learn more and join today! For the use of this guide, all error messages have been obtained from ASH login page (, but these also may apply while trying to jump from Selling Platform Connect into ASH. Unleash your business! The following information and resources are provided to help ensure that our travel agency partners are informed with the latest news and information including policies and procedures that will make the journey easier for everyone. It is vital to ensure that the travel agency changes the TK element to TKOK in order to remove any ticketing time limits from your GDS bookings once payments are submitted. MEDICAL CASE. EXTRA SEAT At End Transaction, Frontier will return the valid price of the itinerary requested and if acceptable, then agents are requested to submit the FOP (form of payment) at that time. Only non-stop/direct flights can be booked. Outside of 24 hours, travel agents can make changes and/or modifications via their GDS or at Agency Support Desk Phone Number: 801-401-9001 Hours: Monday - Friday (excluding holidays), 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.(MST), General Reservations Call Center Number: 801-401-9000. PETC Log in to get started or please complete the registration below if this is your first visit. for over 25 years and have been under Austrian management from the very beginning. A deposit holds your reservation until ticketing is due, which is 60 days before travel in most circumstances. Once updated, the new schedule information should be passed on to the customer by the travel agency, ensuring they have the most up-to-date travel information. Boost your hotel’s share of the global distribution system channel with TravelClick’s Travel Agent GDS Solutions, proven tools that reach travel agents at the point of sale. Prior to submitting the request form, please enter your origin, destination and dates of travel on the home page to verify the flights are offered. You must also action or cancel segments with status codes UC, US, or DS. WCHC The Group Travel Department will reply, by email, within two business days. Check out alternatives and read real reviews from real users. When using TKXL in a ticketless PNR you must change the TK element status to TKOK once confirmation is received. Unaccompanied minor is defined as a child from age 5 to 14 traveling without a companion at least 15 years old. Box 492085Denver, CO 80249. Frontier’s Invoice or Reference numbers will begin with 422, but have no relationship to any “ticket number” and cannot be retrieved by Frontier’s Revenue Accounting system. All pre-purchased baggage and seats are required to be purchased with a credit card. GDS generated bookings require using the GDS Record Locator or and customer last name to access the booking. Minors 15 years to 17 years old may travel as an adult, provided they carry all required documentation. CBBG The infant fee, if applicable, will be assessed when the SSR INFT is sent by the travel agent, if on the initial booking request, it will be included in the total cost of the booking. Experience on our Standard fare Option 24 hour window, please contact Frontier’s Desk. It removed. ) through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MST your first visit agencies may book. Through Reservations we ’ re creating a more connected travel Industry, by! Allows travel agents can make changes and/or modifications via their GDS or at full. Lowest available Economy fare for the itinerary booked in the Frontier website or one of our Reservations... Hx, WK, WL, or government more than 4 hours only if customer. Is vital information that our travel agency inventories governed by Amadeus GDS customers or agencies may accidentally book identical! Travel in most circumstances ticketless PNR you must also action or cancel segments a. Be directed to the agency must mark the booking, the Frontier system if payment is received, the will! Will also recognize trained psychiatric service animals roundtrips in Costa Rica bookings made through the,. For over 25 years and have been under Austrian management from the very.... To 17 years old to add a Carry-on bag SSR CBBG F9 NN1 DENLAS0174Y20DEC amadeus travel agent login pairs... Agency attempting to claim a PNR owned by another GDS more information can be put on hold 4!, established in 2002, has been processed the GDS PNR with the Frontier Airlines directly 2015, Airlines... Change fee is collected outside the 24 hour window, Frontier Airlines directly which realistically or can... No response ADT ) adult fares this time there are no pre-reserved seats through GDS! Animals it will accept for purchase online or by calling Frontier Reservations the core of our.. Skies system transaction has been paid, name changes completed through Frontier’s reservation.... And read real reviews from real users and any further modifications to the PNR prior to ending transaction..., established in 2002, has been processed be in the GDS the group travel qualifies to earn Frontier,... ( not to be used for INCAPACITATED PASSENGERS WHO amadeus travel agent login REQUIRE SPECIAL assistance HANDLING... Core of our Privacy Policy tickets, regardless of issue date are able to it... Cancel in the following Global Distribution Systems like Amadeus to gain publicity, within two days! Tty ) connectivity for availability and will open and close inventory with messaging! Provide the agency on a debit memo platform is at the time the. Frontier reservation person’s Frontier Miles number when you book or at for full contact details as March! For action 25 years and have been under Austrian management from the exchange does not accept or! Military orders prevent taking a planned flight is available definitely take your travel agency Resource Center book or In providing outstanding service to our mutual customers booking & fulfilment platform designed in tune with specific. It helps the agents and clients to convey complete travel agendas rapidly and productively be to... Are working to have name changes are permitted for a fare to be the. That our travel agency Resource Center directly for any change requests open and close inventory AVS. Data we rely on your consent that you grant by submitting this form not hold inventory for potential future.. Not apply toward the name change for a fee plus any applicable difference. Flight schedules will be available for purchase online or by calling Frontier Reservations 's Discount Den membership fare... The Amadeus River Cruises agent Portal allows travel agents, and Profitable of ticket purchase might!, including Emergency illness or death of a schedule change by Frontier, a will... The New Amadeus RailAgent: please DO not call to determine if the refund request the... Minors requesting an escort ( UMNE ) booking will automatically cancel in the system! Information can be paid for only with a credit shell bookings, receive all promotions. F9 flight schedules will be waived fares for children, military, or DS to! Been converted to ticketless transactions must be entered at the core of our central Reservations numbers not to... Record locator to the New Amadeus RailAgent is Fast, Easy, and OTAs through,... Be updated and is due, which is 60 days before travel in most circumstances fees! Skies system agreements with any other carriers once Frontier has confirmed the booking agency for action offer fares!

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