We are often encouraged to be about the Lord’s business, whether that means sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, or being involved in a ministry for the homeless. Reading the Bible, prayer and fellowship are good practices to get into. © 2020 Barry Gainsburg. As we begin to think about Easter, which is only a few weeks away, I hope that each of us will spend a little time in self-reflection asking these questions: Am I practicing the qualities Peter lists in verses 5, 6 and 7? Football, basketball, baseball, and many others involve players working together to win the game. Everyone needs down time, but let’s make sure we are all hard working as well. Let them know what the exact life through this site. Leave a thought in the comments. Thomas Shanks, S.J., executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, was asked to walk readers through a real-life case for The Monitor, the publication of the Investment Management Consultants Association. –Wikipedia. Why you should listen. Produced in association with Character Counts! He is also a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, a staff writer for The New Yorker and a professor at … When it comes to the insect world, ants have earned an reputation as one of the most hard working and diligent creatures. Just imagine the picture above, an operating room, where the surgeon, nurses, anesthetist and other caregivers are not on the same team? Here we can have a look at a few motivational stories that help students to work hard … Being morally excellent doesn’t mean never being tempted, nor does it mean never giving in to a temptation, but what it does mean is knowledge of the perfect forgiver of sins and the way to receive that forgiveness. It is even more complex and delicate in privately held company situations since the corporate governance rules required by the SEC are not in force. Before you panic, that I am saying we should all be that way, I am not. If you look at the people in your circle I bet you can pick out the movers and shakers. Generally, in business transactions, one is presented with a term sheet of the offering specifics, along with certain business, financial, and legal disclosures of past and existing conditions, along with contingent ones. Due Diligence and Moral Rights; Due Diligence and Cultural Heritage; Due Diligence and Art Collecting; Due Diligence and Art Law; Due Diligence and Museums; Due Diligence and The Art Market; Attribution / Authenticity; Posthumous Casts; Catalogue Raisonnés; Due Diligence and Experts/Expertise; Contact I knew exactly who I was talking to, when I prayed that prayer, on my own, in my bedroom at home. Has it changed your life? In addition, becoming more Godly takes a diligent approach in our relationship with the Holy One Himself. It can be a legal obligation, but the term will more commonly apply to voluntary investigations. This letter written by Peter was specifically for Christians, people who already believed in the death and resurrection of Christ. Your email address will not be published. This is essentially a marriage. Even the best of us, fall short. A belief that work, hard work and diligence has a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character. Mulling it over and ruminating on it is best. The next few phrases refer back to the idea of applying all diligence. None of us is perfect. The perfect time to talk to your child about drugs is when you think they're too young to talk about using drugs. …for as long as you practice these things you, will never stumble…. You need to see your potential bride in the light of day warts and all so you can make an intelligent and well-informed decision to jump into the fray. 3:14. teach them the word of God with all diligence, Jacob 1:19. What it real? The following is a quick lesson in Ethics, and why it is imperative to work hard, continually. Especially, if it is unnecessary litigation. ... Be different from your parents and don’t skirt the moral questions. A common example of due diligence in various industries is the process through which a potential acquirer evaluates a target company or its assets for an acquisition. It would seem, then, that not all Christians have these qualities. Should anything be displayed you can continue your investigation by utilizing a background report, as well as asking the individual directly. (3 Nephi 14:12) Elder Russell M. Nelson talks about how the golden rule encompasses the moral code. Once again, knowledge. He teaches us about diligence, knowledge, brotherly kindness and all the other qualities that we are to be practicing. I don’t know about you, but I do not always fit into the steady, earnest, and energetic effort description. Just as a child has an immense sense of curiosity, in the same way we need to be curious about what God says in His word. There is a lot of talk nowadays about due diligence in light of the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, new legislation and EU Directives. First, it is essential that you really know the management of the private company you are considering partnering with. People say there are no moral absolutes and everyone should be able to do whatever they want. Studying it, is even better. He knew we would need the reminder. As usual, I want to take the verse apart piece by piece. In fact, I am pretty sure that is why He inspired Peter to pen these words. Did you make a decision to follow Jesus? We have knowledge pouring into us in at a rate that is not only unhealthy for us mentally, but emotionally as well. What it does do is puts itself in the hands of the Perfect Judge and let’s Him take care it. Feel free to share your own experiences with these words in the comments below. There is a desire to move the company forward to the “next level”. The Bible gives us understanding as we learn to investigate its depths and trust God to teach us from it. These people make me tired! With Easter just around the corner, what better time to be certain about His calling and choosing. Image by Couleur on Pixabay, …and in your moral excellence, knowledge…. If you are just coming in to this series and want to check out the previous posts just click on the links below: Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay. What is the word from the street? This is theology that says, we gain entrance into heaven by our good works. When I began taking a look at the first chapter of 2 Peter, I briefly went over each of the Godly traits listed as I went through the passage. …having forgotten his purification from his former sins. Now for this very reason also, applying all diligence, in your faith supply moral excellence, and in your moral excellence, knowledge, 2 Peter 1:3. The fact that I have chosen to not drink alcohol or smoke, tells you that I have some self-control. Today, I would like to ruminate on verse 5. In the same fashion, if the ants did not work together as a team, the community would not survive. If you ask my boss at work, she’d say I am diligent. He works hard, all the time. But you probably already know, repetition is often the way we learn. Sharon Hecker and Giuseppe Calabi, “La doppia identità del capolavoro di Giotto restaurato,” We Wealth Magazine. Abundance implies wealth and resources. In the Christian community we look at our fellow believers as our brothers and sisters. In the natural world, those ants would probably become ant poop and the community would keep on functioning as normal. Is there an undisclosed romantic, current or former, relationship amongst shareholders? Additionally, you will want to know the relationship amongst the management team. A keystone is at the apex of an arch, and communication is at the apex of due diligence. They don’t think about the job, they just do it. If you want to see news stories and videos of people getting handcuffed or beat up, you can access it. What special issues will this create when you become part of the company? I hope you are enjoying this study of 2 Peter 1:1-11. The issue came up before a short talk I was giving to some accountants last week, and the answer was relevant to our fact-finding business. Our faith is only strengthened and grown as we continue to make morally excellent choices.

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