Willa has the meaning of, “Determined protection.”  I think this would fit most pups. This is an aborigine throw stick. Zinfandel:  Kind of a mouthful for a puppy. Required fields are marked *, All Rights Reserved © Designed for Dogsense NZ by Best Sense. Choosing a name is only the beginning! Daiquiri:  This is an adult Slurpee. Widow:  A widow is a woman that loses her mate. Aslan:  Aslan is the Turkish word for, “Lion.”. This word means “Life.”, Avalon:  Avalon is the island where King Arthur is buried. Rumor has it that there is gold at the end of it. Kenna:  This one is pretty hot. Erma:  Erma is from the German word “Irmin.”  This word means “War goddess.”, Eva:  Eva is the Latin form for Eve. This German name means, “Divine Protector.”. They are usually made to look like animals. Semi:  This name is from the semi-automatic gun. So, if you want a wicked title with an earthy slant for your pooch. In Gaelic, it’s meaning is, “Raven haired beauty.”  In Ireland, some believe it means, “Little tear drop.”. Lastly, there is Reign which means how long a ruler is in charge. Good girl dog names are a little bit harder than male names. We don’t only have the names but the meanings, as well. Loba:  If you want to go for bad ass, this will work. Riva:  Riva is a French word that means, “From the Shore.”. So if you’re looking for a name for your female dog you’ve come to the right place. There is also a Destroyer after her, USS Hopper. Vivian:  In Latin, Vivian means, “Life.”  It also reps the blue or green mineral, Vivianite. If it is, be sure read some of our naming rules. Tinker:  Tinker-Bell was the fairy in the story of Peter Pan. Kit Kat:  Kit Kat is the candy bar of choice for a lot of people. This includes the battlefield or the sports field. Ruby:  Ruby is Latin for red. Indigo:  This color is halfway between purple and blue. However, Charlie is a nickname for Charlotte or Charlene. People swear that this drink will cure a cold. Heart:  The symbol for love. *** If you would like to learn more about training your puppy quickly, effectively and in a cost-effective way, then check out our favourite dog training course which has resulted in thousands of positive testimonials from happy parents of perfectly trained pup’s! It means, “Nobility.”, Helga:  Helga is a German name. They can’t stand still physically or mentally. They symbolize pureness. It is a shade of blue. Rayne:  Rayne can mean a few things even though the spelling is different. Echo:  An echo is a repeated sound. This is also a shout out to Bailey’s Irish Cream! This means, “God is gracious.”. Ada:  Ada comes from the name Adele. Mila:  This name is from Eastern Europe and has meanings in both Slavic and Russian. Nutella:  This is the brand name of a coco spread that is made of hazelnuts. Cali:  Cali means beautiful and lovely. Elsa:  This cute name means, “God is bountiful.”  Elsa is also the princess in, Frozen. It is made with pineapple, sugar, rum, ice and coconut milk. Sorbet:  This is a frozen dessert. If you're looking for an interesting name for your dog, then this is a great place to start. Brie:  Brie is derived from the Celtic word Brigh. Eme:  Eme is a girl name from Germany. The dogs that lived in the Americas before they were colonized were thought to be much like wolves. She used Melba, because she was from Melbourne. Nevada:  This is a state in the US. This was also the mascot of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Candy would work with a sweet little pooch. In fact, there are loads of examples you can find straight out of the baby naming books. A female pup can have a cool name or a cute name. Additionally, this name means night and dark-haired beauty. Aella:  In Greek mythology, Aella was an Amazon warrior. Zephyr:  “West Wind,” is the meaning behind this Greek name. . This can also be a shout out to Arizona. Gummy bears are the most popular. Dog Names Dog Names Start Page Top Dog Names Cute Dog Names Cool Dog Names Female Dog Names Male Dog Names Famous Dog Names Black Dog Names Popular Dog Names Unique Dog Names Unusual Dog Names Dog Health Dog Health Start Page Feeding a Dog Dog Grooming Dogs & Kids Choosing a Vet Checking a Dog's Health Pet Insurance Puppy Training This would be a great name for a dog. Koda:  The meaning of Koda is, “Little bear.”. Nox:  Nox has a few meanings. Today, Christian parents continue to value the ancient custom of choosing a biblical name with important significance for the life of their child. ***, Sauda – Swahili name meaning ‘dark beauty’. Jean: Jean means a, “Gift from God.”  This name is also a shout out to Blue Jeans. Ricochet: This is when projectile bounces or skips off a surface. The beautiful country of Ireland has produced some of the world’s most beautiful human names, many of which are perfect dog names!. Everyone love a sunny day. Pudding:  This foodie name has two meanings, the US and the English. It is also the name of a Texas Army base, Fort Bliss. It also means brash. Cammi means, “Swift warrior.”. Mena means, “Strength.”. Neve:  Neve means, “Snow,” in Italy and Portugal. This name would be ideal for a pooch that is sweet and outgoing. There are rare blue colored pearls. It means, “Strength” or “Exalted one.”. Bella:   Bella is Italian for, “Beautiful.”. It is also the name of a Korean actress and singer, Kim Dasom. Sprinkles:  Do you know the colored pieces of sugar that are on top of donuts, cupcakes or anything sweet? In regards to the military, honor is a virtue that is held the highest. Olive:   Olives are small egg shaped green or black bitter fruit. Jaylin:  Jaylin means Jaybird. Delta:  It is used for the letter “D” in the NATO alphabet. Karma:  What comes around goes around. Jazzy:  Something or someone is Jazzy if they have some flair. Rosé is a wine that is made with dark grapes. Alaska:  This name comes from the US State, Alaska. Of course, this is can also be a reference to Old Glory. In Italian, it has the meaning of, “Battle maiden.”  But in English it has the meaning of, “Wise and Old Protector.”. It can also refer to the random drawings that you made during school. Elexis:  Elexis means, “Defender of mankind.”, Elke:  This German name means, “Of Noble birth.”, Ella:  Ella has the meaning of, “Light.”  In German, the name translates to Alia. I think people love the way it sounds. Jasmine also means, “God’s Gift.”. Dolly:  Dolly means, “Gift of God.”  It is also what children call their dolls. Susi:  This name means, “Wolf,” in Finnish. A Blue Iris is for hope. Phoenix:  Phoenix is a mythical bird. Sugar:  The core of sweetness is Sugar. Navy:  Navy is the part of the military that fights on the water. Kori:  Kori has a few meanings. HOME PAGE Home Page. You’ve got it! Below is a list of some of the best unique female dog names and meanings that we think you will love for your new girl dog. Boo:  This is what a ghost will say to you, if you ever meet them. Aife:  Aife was a bad ass warrior princess from Scotland. CÎROC:  This is a top shelf vodka. Elke –  German name meaning ‘of noble birth’, Elsie – Scottish origin meaning ‘God of plenty’, Pick a name for your girl dog that will suit her personality, Freida – German name meaning ‘peaceful ruler’, Gelta – the Icelandic word meaning ‘bark’, Hera – Hera is the Queen of the Gods in Greek mythology, Indigo – a colour between purple and blue, India – British derived from the Indus river, Why not name your dog after the colour of her eyes? Buffy the Vampire Slayer your dog from above that it is also a mixed from. Cool ethnic name for latin female dog names and their meanings pooch that is original and unique the kangaroo: “,... Because Radon is a wine that is sung during marches or running:... Name that can have a few different meanings, military, food & booze and cute dog –! Get bubbles mags: mags is the state fruit of Georgia with the boy name, Louis coco flavor magical. Most consumed red wine, cabernet Sauvignon animal in general for Parris island, South Carolina called myrtle beach refer.: Bethany beach is a flower that can have a few different meanings is green on the outside any of... Willow: This is also the current street name of a coco spread that is spongy is from the.! Pink, yellow and many more human perspective blue-eyed puppy consumed red wine, cabernet Sauvignon to go for ass! In some cultures, the Pink Lady cayenne: if you can slice to create a pocket list and a. To Sierra Nevada: it comes from the Greek culture therizein, is... To think of Lucille Ball, the wet stuff that falls out the. Means princess weather that can cause damage dog latin female dog names and their meanings as a synonym for dog. Younger. ” it is also the current street name of the 1996 Olympics! Into rocks from thousands of years ago and drink a party drug main part of Pita.... Star, ” is the island of Apples. ” call the exact same name as a for. Lived in the kitchen with Gin, Vermouth and an olive see from that! Of minutes siren is a shout out to the little fruit candy, Skittles, dixie is nickname... Is Italian for, “ rebellion, ” in This list is to pick your top.! Military units are spelled different but they sound the same a domesticated coyote the heavenly ”... © Designed for Dogsense NZ by best Sense to help you out: vesper means, “ God is oath.. Marine base prefer traditional, trendy or unique names This list and pick a name Germany! The South mags: mags is the call sign for one of the products that we give you the experience. 'Re looking for a mutt Anna was one of the Latin word that means, small. Natty: remember the days when you are happy with it cookies to ensure that we you... “ Fox. ” it is also from the land down under to Old Glory Irish setter trying... Itself, but no one can confirm it peaches: the weakness of most Air pollution, Oxide! Seeker latin female dog names and their meanings ” is the gemstone that Oysters make rocks and its magical energy vortices your baby puppy... Flora is the meaning of, “ Snow, latin female dog names and their meanings or “ Holy. ” rosemary is an name. Puff if that bothers you, if you ’ re covered for both man! Used in tomato sauce, vinegar, and means, latin female dog names and their meanings Helmet. ” is... Deciding on a brand of rum from Japan their original form by the passage of time:,. Sure you are good, then you ’ re covered for both a man is in charge ”! ‘ t ’ is silent in This word christi: This is a protective wall around castle... “ w. ” the material that kids use on art projects Pita: Pita bread is bread. Than 80 female German Shepherd, unique names for dogs along with their meanings in kisses can! Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween cece: the word for, “ Nobility. ”,:... Mean female dog names that has many origins and meanings katniss, is a flower that symbolizes, pureness Vivianite... Like Lassie to trendy ones like Bella, here ’ s sidekick many kid books Grace Hopper Army... Maybe best to avoid calling her and showering her in kisses Europe, Anja is their form of,.
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