Essay on child labour is a curse to the society rating. Child labour includes working children who are below a certain minimum age. I think the main reason behind it; people have not developed their mind level positively yet. This will eventually affect the future of the country and its growth. 1: Introduction Also, when Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! Anyway, when I saw these children while coming to college selling flowers or polishing shoes or begging or washing utensils and serving tea or food in any shop, I realized how fortunate I am that my parents allowed me to play and study.,“ There are 218 million child labourers around the world.” Can you That’s why I think Roll # 45 Throughout the world, especially in the less-developed countries, an immeasurable amount of children have been involved in what has been called child labour, and its prevalence has now sparked much worry. At that time, the Company had absolute, imperial administrative jurisdiction over many regions spread over the subcontinent. Child labour is to harmful child’s health. [2] ! Child labour is a curse to the children who are forced to do trivial manual jobs, for little monetary payment in exchange. Child labour is the act of involving children in some type of labour at very low cost to get efficient work by the owners, industrialists, businessmen, etc. Good morning to the respected Principal sir, sir, madam and my dear colleagues. this needs to end. After all, child labour dooms many to lives of disease, misery and destitution, thereby reinforcing the cycle of poverty and exploitation. This exploitation of children is a curse for the country as children are doing this hazardous work which affects their mental and physical health and are deprived of basic education. My name is … I study in class … We have gathered here to celebrate this special occasion of … So, I would like to speech on child labour, a big social issue, interfering the growth and development of country. Most of the parents give birth to their children only to earn money and strengthen their financial condition. I hope you all must be well aware of the child labour and the threats it poses to a nation’s growth, not to mention the future of a child. Why they keep small children away from their right of education. Government should take required steps to eradicate child labour from our society for the all round d IN INDIA, child labour is still a bad curse for the society. Child labour refers to the exploitation of children for doing manual work, which deprives them from their childhood and fundamental rights to education and health. This is done due to lack of resources for survival, irresponsibility of the parents or lack of resources by the owner to increase their returns on low investment. According to the UNICEF, it is estimated that the highest number of child labour is in India (under 14 years of age) all over the world. * school attendance with excessively long and heavy work. In this system, especially child or his/her parents have to agree for an agreement (oral or written) with the creditor. With the end of 20th century , one of the challenges that has appeared globally is the problem of Child labour. Apart from this, it is our own responsibility to raise voice against injustice happening to children around us and only then this problem could be sorted. Today as we have gathered here on the occasion of international day against child labour, I would like to say a few things about the perils of child labour and its effects on society and nation. The majority of child labourers in India work in industries such as cracker manufacturing, diamond polishing, carpet weaving, brassware industry, glass and bangle making, and mica cutting. When asked of a reason they’d say that it violates a child’s fundamental rights. This is a 'freedom of speech' issue, even if it is 'commercial speech'. My neighbors have two young children, and it seems like every time I visit, the kids have learned a dozen new words that they’re eager to show off. Despite the rules run by the government, the dirty habit never leaves society. There is a big gap between rich and poor people of society, limitation to the basic facilities, and huge level inequality. Rana Sheikh. Essay of hobby in kannada, health promotion essay on mental health, how many parts in essay, cause and effect of the civil war essay. Some worked night shifts lasting 12 hours. The situation is grimmer in the poorest countries of the world, where nearly 25% of child population is engaged in child labour. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', ... CHILD LABOUR Child Labour refers to the employment of children at regular and sustained labour. It is our responsibility to stand guard against child labour and report to the concerned authorities if we witness child exploitation in any form. Masters in Computer Application and Business Administration. They drop the opportunity of being a well developed (physically, mentally, intellectually, socially, psychologically and financially) citizen of the nation. Imagine your younger brothers and/or sisters, cousins, relatives, friends and even yourself at circumstances like washing clothes at the road side, washing dishes in shops and lastly polish shoes or even begging on the road side. In addition, the British were to decide whether potential rulers were competent enough. Challenges in Controlling Child Labor: Unclear Laws: While the laws to diminish the curse of child labor have been made, they are pretty vague in nature. Only about a fourth of the ILO members have ratified the respective convention, but the age limits are generally accepted. It challenges, and affects child’s moral, mental, Speech recitation, group discussion, etc are some of the most important necessities of the student’s school life as such activities help them to develop leadership qualities by eliminating their fear in front of public. Millions of children in the world have been forced into child labour. Child labour is really a curse to our society and crime against humanity, Children work when they are supposed to play or go to school and Government has announced ‘food for education programme’ to eradicate the child labour, but it’s not bringing out expected results. The rest is in service industries and manufacturing, 25% and 15% respectively (Diallo, et al., 2010). Today, we all are here in this assembly to express our views on some of the biggest issues in India and therefore I would like to say a few words on Child Labour, one of the major problems continuing from even before the birth of our nation. Children work when they are supposed to play or go to school. Child labour was employed to varying extents through most of history. Children are involved in various types of labour at low payment; bonded child labour is one of them. My name is … I study in class … Today we are here to celebrate this occasion so, I would like to speech on the topic of child labour. Child trafficking or human trafficking is also a part of child labour as the children gets trafficked from one place to another so that they can be used as slaves. Child labour is a curse to our society and a crime against humanity. However, coming from a developing country myself, I know that not all children achieved these “hopes” of mine. According to the statistics of World Bank, there is seen some decrease in the incidence of child labour worldwide (25% in 1960 however, reduced to 10% by 2003). Indian law has specified around 64 industries as hazardous in which employing children are considered as criminal offence. It has affected worldwide especially developing countries to a great extent. Course Title: Development Journalism A very warm welcome to all the teachers and students present in the auditorium. It is not only because of poverty but also the surrounding societal and cultural causes. It is seen that children involve in the child labour are generally belong to the schedules tribes, schedule castes, OBC and Muslims children. Child labour... ...*ASSIGNMENT* In an increasingly integrated world, people feel more intimately connected with communities and processes in distant lands. Challenges in Controlling Child Labor: Unclear Laws: While the laws to diminish the curse of child labor have been made, they are pretty vague in nature. The lines are blurred here. Why it is decreasing very slowly, and not has finished yet? This practice is going on since long and is one of the worst forms of child exploitation.Child labour not only causes damage to a child’s physical and mental health but also keep him deprive of his basic rights to education, development, and freedom. It is that phase of life where a child is free from all the tensions, fun-loving, play and learns new things, and is the sweetheart of all the family members. Good Morning Respected Principal, Colleagues and My Dear Students! Its existence in such an advanced era is because of the inefficient laws, bad administrative system, lack of political desire to eliminate it completely and huge benefits to the employers. The most important and primary causes of the child labour are very low family income, unavailability of schools with proper facilities for poor children, and illiteracy among poor parents. An employer needs to understand the content of the national Labour Code and other laws that relate to child labour. Because of the poor condition and lack of knowledge, poor children become ready to work hard for a little payment where they are used as domestic workers in the urban areas. firmly believe child labour is a serious issue around the world and it needs to end. It needs some effective and positive steps to be taken by the end of all Indian citizens especially well educated youths of the country to remove this social issue. All the child labour speech provided below are written using very easy words and simple sentences especially for the students. The situation is grimmer in the poorest countries of the world, where nearly 25% of child population is engaged in child labour. In Asian countries still people believe that having a girl child is a curse. choose a successor. My dear friends, I feel very proud to be the citizen of India however, on the other hand, it makes me shame also that our country is a home to largest number of child laborers all over the world. Usually the children are employed by their own parents to supplement the family’s income. Child labor: A curse of modem society. This issue has been spread like a virus to the wide range of areas in the developing countries because of the high poverty, poor schooling opportunities, high population rate, lack of adult emplacement, etc. The agriculture field worldwide has been a largest employer of child labour for years. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});