My lighting gives the upper parts of the plant a very nice reddish orange color. The distinctive colouring of the pale leaf ribs is probably caused by a virus which prevents chlorophyll from being produced in the cells around the leaf ribs, making them white. It is also supposed to produce flowers and seeds but I have not experienced this nor seen it. In proper conditions, the leaves and sometimes the stems will take in red, orange, pink, and purple coloration which are caused by either limiting the nitrates available to the plant, increasing lighting or a combination of both and other factors. Be sure to be careful when (re)planting: the stems can be quite fragile and are easily broken. ( Log Out /  Location of the cut does not seem to be important to this plant. And has a striking variegation with light nerves into open areas the 'Kompakt will! Demands on lighting: Medium. Sunset hygro grows extremely fast in most cases, and for this reason, is illegal to ship. I obtained some, and have had nothing but great growth since. Walk My Plank - Free Pirate Role Playing Game. Very easy care and good growth will make it a welcome addition to any tank. can easily be propagated by placing the tops back into the substrate while trimming. Health Care Products Books See All 13 Departments Avg. Ease of Growth: Very easy to grow with colors needing some effort with either lighting levels and limiting nitrates. Designing a fish tank is also a fun and rewarding hobby. Multi-function historical bar chart Wireless Hygro-Thermo Indoor Sensor 1. Overall, this plant will be a very easy and tolerant plant for almost any freshwater tank. Care Level Easy Color Form Green Water Conditions 72-82 F, KH 3-8, pH 6.5-7.5 Max. A fish tank can immediately enhance a room while creating a relaxing atmosphere. Overgrowth can be avoided if the plant is pruned often. Planting Particulars: Sunset Hygro is a very easy stem plant to plant. [CDATA[//>