The Presidium of the Hungarian Economic Association conferred a Lifetime Achievement Award, the Association’s highest accolade, on university lecturer and President of the Fiscal Council Árpád Kovács, honorary president of HEA, for several decades of theoretical research and practical work in the areas of public finance and the central budget, as well as for his devoted work as the President of the Hungarian Economic Association.

Mr. Kovács, our honorary president for life, received the award from current HEA president Gyula Pleschinger and Éva Hegedüs, secretary general of the Association, at the opening plenary meeting of the 55th Itinerant Meeting of Economists.

Commending Mr. Kovács, Mr. Pleschinger noted that there had been few presidents in the 123-year history of the Hungarian Economic Association (namely, Antal Éber, Farkas Heller and Béla Csikós-Nagy) who had remained in position longer than Árpád Kovács. His willingness for compromise and his integrating personality have been truly beneficial to the Association over the nine years of his presidency. As Mr. Kovács remains a Presidium member and honorary president for life, we continue to count on his wisdom and experience.

Once, again, congratulations for the award!