Erzsébet Pogány, 58, has died following a long illness. She was former President of the Hungarian Economic Association in Slovakia, Director of the Alliance for Common Goals, and a key organiser of the society of Hungarian economists and the whole Hungarian community in the Upland region. The funeral of Erzsébet Pogány will take place on Saturday, 12 May 2018 from 3 p.m. in the cemetery of Somorja.

Erzsébet Pogány was born on 19 December 1959 in Bratislava, into a family traditionally resident in Somorja, and lived there throughout her life, lately with her husband, daughters and grandchildren. She graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava in 1997. Following the regime change she became head of the central office of the political movement Coexistence (predecessor of MKP, the Party of the Hungarian Community established in 1998) led by Miklós Duray. She launched the first Hungarian news portal of the Upland region, Felvidé in 2005, along with responsibilities as head of the Hungarian Economic Association in Slovakia. She studied all her life. Last year she received her doctoral degree, in addition to a degree in engineering. Her public activity was recognised by awards including the Pál Teleki Medal of Honour in 2010, the Esterházy Memorial Medal in 2014, the Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary in 2015, and the Ex Libris Award in 2016.  

Her loving memory will be with us forever.