Radical Business Model Transformation – Gaining the Competitive Edge in a Disruptive World This is the title of a book published by Pallas Athene Books, written by three outstanding authors. Carsten Linz is an executive (SAP) and expert of innovation-led business model transformation; Professor Günter-Müller-Stewens is a teacher of strategic management and head of Management Institute, University of St. Gallen; Professor Alexander Zimmermann is a known researcher of organisation and strategic management. The three authors focused on the same issue, i.e. how to transform corporate business models.

The book was completed in 2017 following several years of research, summarising the outcome and experience of discussions with hundreds of company executives, and is now available in Hungarian language as well.
In our constantly changing and transforming world gaining competitive advantage is a way of survival for companies. In order to successfully adapt to changes taking place in the surrounding environment it is essential to transform the corporate business model.

The authors studied more than 380 companies and businesses and held discussions with hundreds of executives. Already at the outset they realised that most companies followed a fixed pattern and were very rarely capable to change completely. At the same time, the awareness of the executives that gradually fine-tuning their respective business models was hardly enough to maintain the competitiveness of their companies also became obvious. Therefore the only way is a radical change of direction.

In order to achieve this, the companies had to consider the transformation possibilities of the formerly applied models, as well as a way to manage these changes. While conducting research for Radical Business Model Transformation, the authors also assisted the companies presented in the book to change course, accompanying them throughout the transformation process and the related difficulties in practice. The authors share the resulting experiences and provide practical examples of how to respond to the challenges faced by the companies.

The book will prove helpful for company executives currently facing business model transformation, and it will provide useful practical knowledge for professionals interested in transformation management.

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