Our sister organisation elected economist Rozália Hervay chairperson of the Hungarian Economic Association of Slovakia on Thursday, 13 September. The Association’s officers were elected by a General Assembly convened in Dunajská Streda, where the organisation’s headquarters have been located since 2010.

The association has compiled various publications in the field of economics, and participated in the organisation of conferences. But its most notable achievement in recent years has been the drafting of Baross Gábor Plan aimed at boosting the local economy, and particularly SMEs.

The plan, which constitutes the basis for economic development support by Hungary to Slovakia’s regions inhabited by ethnic Hungarians, had been originally issued in 2014 and was once again updated by the Association’s experts last year. Over 1,500 local businesses have received subsidies in the scheme. Regional development expert Gábor Lelkes, who had chaired the Association in 2017, resigned this past summer. His position was taken over by Péter Rajkovics until the general assembly in September.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian Economic Association of Slovakia organised its first meeting of economists. The event was held at the Selye János University in June, and was attended by professionals from across the Carpathian Basin. The presenters included Gyula Pleschinger, president of the 124-year-old Hungarian Economic Association.

At the general assembly in Dunajská Streda, the members agreed to continue the conference series next year, and discussed other future events. New members joined the Association’s Board, and Rozália Hervay was unanimously elected chairperson. Ms. Hervay has decades of experience in the field of economics, and had been elected Member of Parliament by the citizens of Trnava county. She plans to increase the number active members of the Association, and organise new events. She has two children and lives with her family in Rohovce. As a qualified economist, she runs a business consultancy company.

We congratulate Ms. Hervay for her election and wish her success in her new position.