Éva Hegedüs, Chairperson and CEO of GRÁNIT Bank, Secretary General of the HEA was elected as the new Social Chair of the Hungarian Water Polo Federation.

‘I was born in Eger, and my connection to water polo began there’, Éva Hegedüs told the website Waterpolo.hu.  ‘I used to be very proud of the achievements of our water poloists even in my younger days. In Eger water polo was a bit like a window to the outside world attracting international teams such as Italy and the Netherlands to compete against our players whom I admired. The admiration and attachment to water polo never left me, all the more because my two sons were also amateur players.’

‘Attila Vári, President of the Hungarian Water Polo Federation contacted Éva Hegedüs shortly after his election. She has been assisting our work for a long time, acting in a professional capacity since 15 June 2019’, wrote the Waterpolo.hu

‘I have known Attila Vári for a long time, so when he first mentioned it I was happy to say yes. We have been thinking together in specific matters regardless of function. And now when he asked me to be social chair of the Federation also supported by the General Assembly and the Presidency I was happy to take the position. As far as I can be of help with my professional past and personal presence, I will do my best. To me water polo represents individual excellence as well as team thinking – the combination of the two can lead to permanent outstanding success’ Éva Hegedüs added.

We congratulate Ms Hegedüs on her appointment!