Role of the State in the 21st century is the title of a professional event organised by the Hungarian Economic Association at 4 p.m. on Monday, 13 January 2020 in the Lotz Hall of the Markó utca building of the Budapest Economic University (1055 Budapest, Markó utca 29-31.). The event’s topic is provided by the recently published book entitled Economic policy in the 21st century: Manual of state role (edited by Ákos Dombi).

Lecturers of the event: József Veress, professor emeritus of ELTE’s Institute of Economic Sciences, former President of HEA (State, market, globalisation: Introductory thoughts); Ákos Dombi, assistant professor, head of department at ELTE’s Economic Science Institute (State capitalism: transformation of the French model); László György, Minister of State responsible for economic strategy and regulation in the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Board member of HEA Public Finance Section (Patriotic economic policy: fundamental principles and international experiences); István Dedák, college teacher of the Eszterházy Károly University (Heritage of the crisis: The lost decade) and Tamás Pál, assistant professor of ELTE’s Institute of Economic Sciences(The fight of the European Central Bank against the euro crisis: One for all, all for one?). Following the introductory lectures, the speakers will discuss the current challenges of public ownership in a panel discussion.

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