Tímea Gyetvai, finance manager of the Hungarian National Council was recently elected president of our sister organisation, the Hungarian Economic Society of Vojvodina (VHEA).

The Association of Hungarian Economists in Vojvodina elected a new, five-member Board following the sudden tragic death of Márta Földi, former president of the Association, in June.

The Board of the association unanimously elected Tímea Gyetvai new president of the organisation. Tímea Gyetvai is the financial manager of the Hungarian National Council and, since the establishment of the association, she has been participating in its work; also, she considers it important to unite the generation of Hungarian-speaking economists of Vojvodina and to embrace young economists. The other members of the Board of VMKIT are Bálint Juhász, Róbert Fejsztnáer, István Dobó and Zoltán Szabó. Zoltán Kudlik retained his position as chairman of VHEA general meeting and Stella Víg-Szalma continues to work as secretary. (Source: Pannpn RTV)

Congratulations to the elected leaders of our sister organization in Vojvodina, we wish them every success!