On Wednesday, the Agriculture and Food Industry Section of the Hungarian Economic Association re-elected Attila Zöldréti as president for the same period. Secretary Endre Szelényi was also re-elected for three years. László Vajda, former chief officer of the Ministry of Agriculture and former chief negotiator of the agricultural chapter of Hungary’s EU accession negotiations, was elected co-chairman of the section.

At the meeting held in HEA’s community room, Attila Szinay, state secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture shared with the audience his thoughts about the status of the EU infringement procedures related to Hungary’s act on arable land, and about the change of generations in agriculture.

The presentation was followed by the election of the officials of the Agriculture and Food Industry Section. The participants unanimously re-elected the current presidium members, i.e. Attila Zöldréti, László Vajda and Endre Szelényi.