Accelerated Digitalisation – Virtue Thrives Under Oppression is the title of a discussion section organised by the Competitiveness Section of the Hungarian Economic Association for this year’s extraordinary ICE. The roundtable session was recorded in the HEA Community Centre on Friday.

The discussion covered online healthcare solutions, digitalisation in public transport and the potential use of ICT in education. Experts participating in the discussion: Tibor Somogyi, founder and manager of Doki App; Zoltán Gyarmati, Board Member of EPS Global Zrt., and Tibor Prievara, author of Tanárblog (Teacher Blog). The discussion was moderated by Ákos Szalai, Head of the Competitiveness and Structural Analysis Department of the MNB.

The panel discussion, along with the other discussion sections will be available at the conference website from 24 September.