The effects of the baby-waiting loan on the credit market and real economy – this is the issue of a study published in the Economic Review by three national bank experts in February. The Hungarian Economic Association (HEA) is organizing an online event in connection with this study on Monday, February 22, 2021, at 2 pm on the Webex and HEA’s YouTube channel.

At the event, the authors – Zita Fellner, Anna Marosi and Beáta Szabó – will present the main findings and results of the study and the related research of the central bank, followed by Anna Florova, Managing Director of OTP Bank Plc. and Ákos Balla, Head of Balla Real Estate, who will share their experiences in this issue. At the beginning of the event, Tamás Halm, the editor-in-chief of the Economic Review and a member of the board of the HEA is to greet the participants. The moderator of the discussion will be István Palkó, senior analyst of Portfolió.hu, a member of the board of the Finance Section of the HEA.

Information needed to view the event:
YouTube link:
Webex link:
Meeting number: 181 339 3576
Password: Babavaro2021