Hungary 2030-2040: Odds and Will. A roundtable session organised by the Development Policy Section of the Hungarian Economic Association on the subject will take place on Thursday, 27 May 2021, from 3 p.m. via Webex and HEA’s YouTube Channel.

Participants of the panel discussion: Gábor Bojár, physicist, founder of GRAPHISOFT; Tamás Boros, political analyst, Director and co-founder of Equilibrium Institute; Barbara Botos, Deputy Secretary of State for Climate Policy, Ministry of Innovation and Technology; Attila Chikán, Academic, President of the HEA Economic Policy and Economic Theory Section; and Gábor Filippov, historian, political scientist, Director of Research of Equilibrium Institute. Invited contributors: Zoltán Gál, President of Hungarian Regional Science Association, Professor of University of Pécs, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Regional Studies, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Pécs and Géza Salamin, President of the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning, Associate Professor, Head of Institute of International, Political and Regional Studies, Corvinus University of Budapest. The event will be moderated by Etele Baráth, former Minister of European Affairs, former member of the European Economic and Social Committee, President of the Development Policy Section of the HEA.

Information needed to follow the event live:
Meeting number: 163 192 6581
Password: Fejlpol2021