The Demography Section of the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA) is organizing an online conference on the access of young people to their first home on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 from 2 pm on the Webex and MKT YouTube channel. The invited experts of the conference will cover the demographic issues, international good practices and further tasks of young people’s access to their first home.

Speakers of the event: Tamás László, architect, urban planner and urban economics engineer, member of the board of the Demography Section of HEA; József Csomós economist; László Mádi, lecturer, Sándor Wekerle Business College, member of the board of the department; László Árva, Retired Professor, ESSCA; Antal Szabadkai, consultant, engineer and economist (moderator of the event). Invited speakers: Judit Kovács, Head of the Retail Directorate of GRÁNIT Bank Zrt. and Ákos Balla, CEO of Balla Property Agency. The participants are to be greeted by József Benda, socialization researcher and chairman of the Demography Section of HEA.

Information needed to follow the event live:
Meeting number: 163 197 5031
Password: Lakhatas2021