The Secretary General of the Hungarian Economic Association, Éva Hegedüs, President and CEO of GRÁNIT Bank Zrt., received the Manager of the Year Award at the July 3 gala of the National Association of Managers in HBungary.

This year, for the twenty-sixth time, the National Association of Managers recognizes the work of Hungarian business leaders in the private sector with at least ten years of successful leadership, who are key leaders in the management and success of their company, and their performance is also evidenced by the results achieved by the company they run in the previous year.

The rank of the Award is indicated by the fact that in the last 26 years such outstanding company managers as Elek Straub, György Beck, György Mosonyi, György Wáberer, István Lepsényi, Péter Futó, József Váradi or István Kapitány has been awarded.

Congratulations to our Secretary General on this award!