The central bank deputy governors and vice presidents of five Central European countries – the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – will discuss the conditions, advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of the euro in the EU section of the 59th Itinerant Conference of the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA)!

Monetary decisions in Central Europe. Euro today, tomorrow or after tomorrow? This is the title of the panel discussion recorded at 1st September, with the participation of Marek Mora, Vice-President of the Czech National Bank; Michael Faulend, Vice President of the National Bank of Croatia; Barnabás Virág, Deputy Governor of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank; Marta Kightley, First Vice-President of the National Bank of Poland and Ľudovít Odor (Lajos Ódor), Vice-President of the National Bank of Slovakia, and with the moderation of Gábor Iván, President of the European Union Section of the HEA, Director at the Council of the European Union.

The discussion – as well as the other 20 thematic sections of the conference – will be available to watch and listen to on Thursday, September 23, from 10 a.m. at, as well as on HEA’s YouTube channel and HEA’s podcast.