The role of artificial intelligence in (macro)economic forecasting – this is the title of an online roundtable discussion organized by the Economic Policy and Economic Theory Section of the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA) on the Webex and HEA’s YouTube channel at 14.00 pm on Monday, November 29, 2021.

The participants of the round table discussion: András Balatoni, Director of Economic Analysis and Forecasts of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Member of the Board of the Economic Policy and Economic Theory Department of the HEA; Tamás Kristóf, Director of Risk Management at Eximbank, Associate Professor at BCE and Gábor Regős, Head of the Macroeconomic Business Unit of Századvég Gazdaságkutató Zrt. The moderator of the discussion is Dávid Szebeni, Strategic Director of Enrawell Consulting, a member of the section’s board. The participants will be greeted by professor Attila Chikán, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the section.

Information needed to follow the event live:
Meeting number: 2379 401 5695
Password: Elorejelz2021