A cooperation agreement between the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference (HRC) and the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA) has been signed by László Borhy, President of the HRC, Rector of Eötvös Loránd University and Gyula Pleschinger, President of the HEA, Member of the Monetary Council of the MNB.

Based on the parties’ mutual commitment to scientific research and higher education, the cooperation aims to continuously improve higher education in Hungary.

Accordingly, the HRC will rely on the HEA in the processes related to its field of activity and expertise, including the development of training and outcome requirements, and the revision of new courses to be introduced. Based on its accumulated knowledge and experience, the HEA will advise the HRC in higher education development, including areas such as improving competitiveness during the higher education model change, providing professional assistance related to dual training, and setting up mentoring programmes. In return, the HRC will provide assistance for the joint events of the parties as far as possible, and will support the setting up and running of HEA’s youth organisations at postgraduate specialist training institutes in Hungary.

The Hungarian Rectors’ Conference established in 1988 is a body comprising the heads of higher education institutions that represents the entire higher education institution system. The HRC is an independent not-for-profit public consultative body with a legal personality involved in state projects. The 127-year old Hungarian Economic Association is the oldest and most prestigious organisation of Hungarian economist. The HEA, a non-profit association with approximately 3,000 members is a major platform of economic discussion beyond the narrow interpretation of science.