The Department of Economic Policy and Labour Economics of the Economic and Public Policy Institute of Corvinus University of Budapest organizes a conference to celebrate HEA’s Vice President, Professor Péter Ákos Bod’s 70th birthday.

The conference is titled ‘Economic regimes and regime changes – BPÁ70’ and is to be held on the 26th of November 2021 at Corvinus University’s Lecture Hall III in the Fővám tér building. The conference can be also followed on Microsoft Teams through

At the conference, Rector Előd Takáts, Professor Dóra Gyórffy and Head of Institute György Hajnal will give toasts to Professor Bod. The opening lecture will be delivered online by Professor Leszek Balcerowicz of the Warsaw School of Economics, who was minister of finance, deputy prime minister and governor of the central bank of Poland in the 1990s. At the conference, a large number of other foreign and domestic academic economists and former policy makers will be greeting Professor Bod by presenting their ideas and academic papers on matters of economic development and economic policy making today and in the past three decades. See the detailed conference program.

To personally participate at the conference, please be prepared to show your immunity card or vaccination certificate. When not eating or drinking, please wear a mask covering your mouth and nose all times.