The Monetary Policy Section of the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA) held its inaugural meeting on Wednesday 19 January 2022 at Corvinus University of Budapest. The founding members elected Professor Előd Takáts, Rector of the Corvinus University of Budapest, as the Section’s President, and Ádám Banai, Managing Director of the Central Bank of Hungary’s Asset and Reserve Management Department, as its Co-President.

The founders of the Section aim to create a professional workshop that brings together Hungarian economists who research monetary policy worldwide or are active shapers of domestic and international monetary policy-making. Through its activities and programmes, the Section aims to provide a professional forum for those interested in monetary policy, primarily concerned with conceptual issues of monetary policy and the relationship between economic policy at the domestic, regional and global levels.

In addition to the President, Előd Takáts, and Co-President, Ádám Banai, the members of the Presidium of the Monetary Policy Section are Zoltán Jakab, Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund; Zsolt Kuti, Executive Director for Monetary Policy, Financial Market and Macro-Financial Analysis at the Magyar Nemzeti Bank; Roland Straub, Advisor to the President of the European Central Bank and Coordinator of the ECB’s Executive Board; and Judit Temesváry, Chief Economist at the Fed. Zsombor Áron Kővári, Senior Rector’s Advisor at Corvinus University of Budapest, was elected Secretary of the Section.

Together with the Monetary Policy Section, the Hungarian Economic Association now has 27 sections to choose from.