Demographic challenges: why births fell in 2022? This is the title of an online conference organised by the Demographic Section of the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA) on Wednesday 29 June 2022 from 14:00 pm on Webex and on the MKT YouTube channel.

The speakers are Ágnes Engler, Deputy Scientific Director of the Mária Kopp Institute; Miklós Gyorgyovich, Deputy Director of Századvég; Péter Asztalos, analyst at the Magyar Nemzeti Bank; Anita Élő, editor of Válasz Online and József Benda, socialisation researcher and President of the Demographic Section of the HEA. The moderator of the event will be Zsuzsa Fekete Sisakné, economist, statistician and secretary of the Section.

Information to follow the event live:
Meeting number: 2379 301 5436
Password: Birth2022

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