The Logistics Section of the Hungarian Economic Association elected Ferenc Lajkó, logistics industry expert, managing director of DigiLog Consulting and former CEO of Waberer’s, as its president by unanimous vote during its online renewal. Based on the decision of the members, Csaba Kunyik, engineer and logistics manager, will continue to serve as secretary of the section.

The voting members unanimously elected the members of the Bureau of the Logistics Section. According to the decision, the following experts will strengthen the board of the section for the next three years: János Berényi, Scientific Expert, Association of Transport Sciences; Gyöngyvér Kerényi, Controlling Expert, Managing Director, Smart Controlling Kft.; Csaba Kiss, Managing Director, CKZ Engineering Services Kft.; Zoltán Szabó, Managing Director, Ghibli Kft. (the previous President of the Section); Zoltán Szegedi, Emeritus Professor, Széchenyi István University; László Szivi, Managing Director, Mentafor Kft. and Zoltán Valentinyi, Managing Director, Alois Steiner Kft, Steiner-Autohof Kft.

We congratulate the elected board of the Logistics Section and wish them good health and success in their work!