The Hungarian Economic Association (HEA)  summarised the main findings and proposals of the plenary and section meetings of the 60th Itinerant Congress of Economists, with the intention of bringing them to the attention of Hungarian economic policy-makers and decision-makers for their consideration. In mid-December, the HEA sent the proposals to the Prime Minister, the Governor of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank and the relevant government ministers.

The 60th Itinerant Congress, with some 160 speakers, covered topics such as the state of the labour market; food security in the shadow of war and climate change; the outlook for the financial and capital markets and the banking sector; monetary policy responses in a changing inflationary environment; opportunities for business innovation; and challenges facing the trade, logistics, real estate, start-up ecosystem, healthcare and fintech sectors.

Speakers at the conference pointed to the need for a paradigm shift in economics. The world economy has grown exponentially over the last centuries, but there are now many signs that the era of continuous expansion is coming to an end and that more attention needs to be paid to different aspects of sustainability.

A document summarising the main findings of the conference can be downloaded here (pdf, only in Hungarian).