The Innovation Section of the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA) was established on Friday 3 February. The founding members – 23 in number – elected István Szabó, Deputy President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, as the Section’s President. Magdolna Csath, professor and doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, was elected vice-president and Klaudia Gabriella Horváth, PhD student, was elected secretary.

Among the HEA members who founded the section are László Ábrahám, Managing Director of Sensirion Kft; László Gulácsi, Vice Rector of Óbuda University; Melinda Kamasz, Editor-in-Chief of the Tudá website; Nikolett Deutsch, Head of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Corvinus University of Budapest; and several lecturers from the National University of Public Service, the University of Pannonia, the University of Miskolc, the University of Óbuda and the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

According to Article 21 of the Statutes of the Hungarian Economic Association, the Presidium of the HEA approved the establishment of the Section. Our members can indicate their intention to join the Innovation Section on our online registration form, or they can set it up themselves by logging in to the password-protected area. Those who would then like to join the Hungarian Economic Association – and within it the Innovation Section – can do so via the membership application form available at this link.