Richárd Adorján, Deputy State Secretary for the Budget of the Ministry of Finance and former member of the Section’s Board, was elected President of the Public Finance Section of the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA). The previous President of the Section, Péter Benő Banai, State Secretary for Public Finance at the Ministry of Finance, will continue his work in the HEA as Vice President of the Section.

Gergely Baksay, Managing Director for Economic Analysis and Competitiveness of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, the National Bank of Hungary and member of the National Board of HEA, was also re-elected as Vice President of the Section. The voting members also supported the appointment of János Dániel Plósz, Managing Director of Digital Productive Market Nonprofit Ltd. and Director of Economics and Coordination of Közért+ Zrt. as Secretary of the Public Finance Section of HEA for the next three years.

The Bureau of the Section has also been confirmed: the following professionals have been elected as members of the Bureau of the HEA Public Finance Section, Ábel Berczik, Deputy State Secretary for Public Finance Regulation, Human and Municipal Budgets, Ministry of Finance; Csaba Bugár, President, Hungarian State Treasury; László György, Government Commissioner, Ministry of Economic Development; Gábor Kutasi, Habilitated Associate Professor, National University of Public Service; P. Gábor Kiss, Head of the Budget Research Department, HMAgyar Nemzeti Bank; and András Réz, Deputy CEO, State Debt Management Centre Zrt.

We congratulate the elected board of the section and wish them good health and success in their work!