The National Meeting of Young Economists (FIKOT) was organised for the 40th time by the Youth Committee of the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA) on Friday 13 October 2023 at the University of Debrecen. This year’s conference focused on artificial intelligence. The presentations and roundtable discussions of the 40th FIKOT can be watched on our website, on the HEA’s YouTube channel and listened to in our podcasts.

The two morning introductory presentations of the opening plenary session were given by Anikó Szombati, Chief Digital Officer, Executive Director of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, responsible for digitalisation and fintech sector development, and member of the HEA’s Fintech and Finance Section; and Lilla Bánkuty-Balogh, Senior Expert at the MNB and Master of Science at the MNB Institute of the Neumann János University. The participants were welcomed by Éva Hegedüs, President and CEO of GRÁNIT Bank Zrt., Secretary General of HEA; András Nábrádi, President of the Hajdú-Bihar County Organisation of HEA; László Erdey, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Debrecen and Szabolcs Mátrai, President of the Youth Commitee of HEA.

Participants of the fintech roundtable: Anikó Szombati, Managing Director of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Chief Digital Officer, responsible for digitalisation and the development of the fintech sector, member of the Board of the Fintech and Financial Section of the HEA; Éva Hegedüs, CEO of GRÁNIT Bank Zrt., Secretary General of the HEA; Attila Csáky, Managing Director of Unicredit Bank Zrt.; and Éva Pintér, Deputy Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Corvinus University of Budapest, Chair of the HEA’s Fintech and Financial Culture Section. Moderator: Ádám Lengyel, Board Member of HEA’s Youth Commitee.

The participants of the innovation roundtable were László Ábrahám, CEO of Sensirion Zrt.; István Róbert Kulcsár, founder and owner of Shoprenter; István Kovács, senior expert in economic analysis of EDC Debrecen Kft.; Péter Riczu, digital agriculture project manager of KITE Zrt. and Mihály Bakó, head of the risk management department of the Hajdú-Bihar County Directorate of the NAV. Moderator: Szabolcs Mátrai, President of HEA’s Youth Commitee.

The three conference panels can also be heard in our podcasts: