With the participation of 32 students from the Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, the HEA Heves County Youth Organisation was recently re-established. The organisation of the inaugural meeting and the re-establishment of the youth organisation was coordinated by Ádám Gyurkó, lecturer at the University’s Institute of Economics and member of the HEA Heves County Organisation’s Board.

The meeting was opened by Hajnalka Csáfor, Vice-Rector for Education of the University and President of the Heves County Organisation of the HEA, followed by a presentation by Zoltán Szűts, Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy of the Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, entitled “Artificial Intelligence is our new partner in the world of work”. After the presentation, the young members nominated for the board – Petra Katonka, Petra Kovács, Dominik Váczi Milán, Attila Fodor, Zalán Gedei and Dániel Gál – introduced themselves. All six of them received the vote of confidence during the renewal and now form the board of the Eger youth organisation. Among them, Attila Fodor was elected President of the Heves County Youth Committee of the HEA, Milan Dominik Váczi Vice President and Zalán Gedei Gedei Secretary.

We congratulate the new board of the MKT Eger Youth Organisation and wish them success in their work!