The Central and Eastern European Section of the Hungarian Economic Association has been formed recently, and is presided by Ádám Balog, President-CEO of MKB Bank. The twenty fifth section of MKT made an introductory video, which can be viewed on our Website.

The mission of this Section is to build a community capable of mastering topics of key importance for the successful advancement of the Central and Eastern European region, and to propagate them in cooperation with the representatives of scientific life, the government and businesses. The cooperation supports the strengthening of regional economic cooperation and the use of regional synergies.

A further aim of the formation of the Section is to deepen the existing relationships with the Hungarian economic trade organisations beyond our borders, in Transylvania, Upper Hungary and Vojvodina, and with the economic associations of the V4, to broaden the frameworks of professional consultation, to ensure an active professional forum, and to strengthen the international role of HEA.

The Section may provide a platform for the discussion of the type of regional societal and economic problems and challenges like possible strengthening of regional economic relations and synergies, sustainability, green economy as well as the topic of research-development-innovation.

Our members interested in this topic can join this new professional section after signing in on our Website with their id. and password, or can indicate their intention to join on our online datasheet