The 59th Itinerant Conference of Economists organised by the Hungarian Economic Association finished successfully: although the largest annual conference of Hungarian economists was held as a virtual event due to the pandemic situation, the live streams attracted a large number of viewers, and the pre-recorded sections and round-table discussions also proved to be increasingly popular. Over the last two days alone the conference videos attracted approximately 4,300 viewers on YouTube and Facebook, and the website of the Conference received almost 1,000 visits in 48 hours.

This year’s conference has not been limited to two days! In addition to the presentations and panel discussions live streamed on Thursday and Friday, 22 very interesting thematic sections had been pre-recorded in recent weeks and made available at the conference website with themes including public finance, sports, culture, health economics, sustainability, start-ups, agriculture and economic policy. The good news is that contrary to the traditional set-up of the conference, this time no-one had to make difficult choices between the individual sections due to the online format.

The plenary presentations and round-table discussions held on Thursday and Friday are freely accessible at the conference website. In fact, the entire content including the pre-recorded section programmes amounts to almost 2,500 minutes’ worth of video material. What is more, our podcast including the section presentations and round-table discussions is now also available.

The plenary sessions of the 59th Itinerant Conference of Economists can be viewed via this link.

The 22 thematic sections of the conference can be accessed via this link.

The section programmes are available both via podcast and on Spotify.

Both days of the conference received extensive media coverage. A selection of the items covering the first day can be accessed via this link, and the items covering the second day can be accessed via this link.

We hope that the various audio and video programmes of the 59th Itinerant Conference of Economists will be attractive to our members and the interested audience in the days and weeks to come!

(Opening image: MTI/Lajos Soós)


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